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nersapp is a school management system developed by nanosoft technology to simplify and reduce the workload of educators. It is designed to cut cost, enhance and automate the systems and processes of schools.

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Steps to use nersapp School Management Software

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Key features of nersapp

Everything you need in a School Management System

Reporting System

Generate and manage periodic academic reports, performance reports, financial reports, etc.


School data are sorted & analyzed to provide reliable metrics to evaluate members performance.


This powerful feature allow for easy handling of all kinds of academic activities like grading, attendance, etc.


Easily monitor & manage cash flow from fee payment and other sources made through banks, credit card, online.

Members Database & Access

Students, Parents, Teachers & the entire managerial staff can log in, perform tasks and share information.

Messaging System

Built-in private messaging & sms integration allow members send & receive information.

CAREER PATHAutomated Guidance & Counselling

Excellent feature that aid parents/schools direct their wards/students towards the best career path based on verifiable cumulative data from student's grades, skills and behavioural performances.

PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONInfo-graph Performance Metrics

This awesome feature provide schools and school regulatory bodies with reliable detailed graphical metrics to measure and predict school and students' performance, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of staff.


More reasons to use nersapp

Benefits for choosing our School Management System

Affordable Pricing Our school management software is relatively cheap and affordable compared to similar solutions out there in the market.
Feature Updates We provide regular feature updates without extra charges, except when migrating to a higher plan.
Data Archiving & Retrieval Data & information are stored and retrieved consistently at any time without delay.
Support System We have an excellent support system available 24/7 to provide answers to questions and resolve issues you might encounter while using our services.
Cost Saver nersapp saves schools tons of money that are traditional incurred in information storage, printing of reports & fee receipts, etc.
Secure We implement routine backups and contingency plans for schools plus utilize advance online security protocols to guide against unauthorized personnel.

Plans & Pricing

You can start out with the free plan. No payment required!

Freedom Plan
Freedom Features
  • Essential Features
  • Premium Features
  • Extended Features
  • 20 Students Maximum
Essential Plan
/per 4months
/per student per term
Essential Features
  • Members Manager
  • Members Photo Gallery
  • User Access and Dashboard
  • Class Manager
  • Subject Manager
  • Psychomotor/Affective Domain Manager
  • Grade/Grade Book Manager
  • Students Performance Evaluation
  • SMS & Internal/External Mailing
  • School Calendar/Event
  • Advanced Settings
  • Data Import/Export
  • Report, Broadsheets, Info-graphics
Premium Plan
/per 4months
/per student per term
Premium Features
  • Essential Features
  • Fee payment
  • Assignment
  • Attendance
  • CBT
  • Poll
  • Payroll
  • Multiple Theme/Layout
  • Teachers Performance Evaluation
  • Admission and Enrollment
  • Transcript
  • Nigerian Numbers Directory
  • Time Table
  • E-wallet
  • Online Payment Integration
Elite Plan
/per 4months
/per student per term
Extended Features
  • Essential Features
  • Premium Features
  • Automated Guidance and Counseling
  • Inventory Manager
  • Hostel Manager
  • Library Manager
  • Transportation Manager
  • Accounting

Recommended services

  • Onsite Training

    We can carry out training of school member(s) at school premises for a fee. The onsite training fee is negotiable and depends on factors like - Modules in the schools pricing plan, Number of individuals to be trained, number of hours for the training and school location.

  • Management Services

    Management services involves configuration of schools portal, data collection and entry to the portal etc. Management Services Fee is negotiable and depends on factors such as the number of students, number of other users and modules in the schools pricing plan.

All Pricing plans comes with

  • Free Setup

  • Unlimited Subjects and Batches

  • Unlimited Members except Freedom Plan

  • Free Cloud Hosting

  • SSL Security

  • Text and Video Documentation

  • 24/7 Phone and online support

  • Flexible Subscription periods - 4 months, 6 months, 1 year and 2 years

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Common questions and answers

  • How do I deploy nersapp in my school?

    Simply call our Sales number or contact us by clicking the "Contact Us" link located at the top menu, fill out the form and send, then we will get in touch with you.

  • Do I need to download and install nersapp?

    No, nersapp is a web-based school management system and so can only be accessed online. We however have special spreadsheets that allow you do bulk of your task offline and then upload later.

  • Do I need additional software to use nersapp?

    No software or plug-in is required for use.

  • Any hidden charges?

    No hidden fees or punitive overages.


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